The general pattern of our symbols is:
      XX-HY-0ZK VV
XX stands for the interface of a products (1-Wire or RS232)
Y refers to the height of a coil described in millimetres
Z gives us information about the number of wires, and consequently, about the  LED diode. We have in our offer the following options:

  • 03 – three wires, no LED diode

  • 04 – four wires, single colour diode

  • 05 – five wires, bicolour diode

  • K is an optional part that is understood as common cathode

VV provides additional information about the product. For example:
M12 indicates that a product has a thread
WR stands for water resistant which means it has an additional plastic casing
Each of the additional symbols will be explained describing a particular model.

The difference comes down to the configuration of LED in a reader. It is well explained in pictures given below: