The general pattern of our symbols is:


XX - stands for the interface of a products (1-Wire or RS232)

HY - refers to the height of a coil described in millimetres

Z   – gives us information about the number of wires in cable and consequently about the  LED diode.

        03 – three wires. No LED diode

        04 – four wires. Single colour LED diode

        05 – five wires. Bicolour LED diode

        06 - six wires. Bicolour LED diode

K* - an optional version of reader with a common cathode  

VV – provides additional information about the product:

        M12 – mounted with M12 thread

        WR – (water resistant)  stands for additional, waterproff plastic casing (WR readers are mounted with an M12 thread)

        P - side-conduction of the flat wire 

        BZ - additional buzzer that can provide sound notification

The difference between reader with a common anode and a common cathode comes down to the configuration of LED in a reader. It is well explained in pictures given below: