1. How can I place an order at Drexia?

    To place an order please send us a message. You can do it either by using a contact form available on the website or by sending us an e-mail. The purchase order is not necessary, but it is always appreciated.

    2. What payment methods are accepted?

    At this stage we only accept wire transfers as PayPal and credit card payments are unavailable.

    3. I would like to have an open account, is that possible?

    The new customers are obliged to prepay for their purchases. If you are a long-term customer of ours and the cooperation

    develops well, we will gladly raise the issue of opening an account.

    4. What are delivery details and when can I expect a parcel?

    We ship parcels via one of three freight companies: DHL, DPD, TNT or UPS. It is possible to arrange a shipment via an alternative courier, given that the cost is covered by a customer that has an account there. Within the EU the delivery term is pointed out each time on proforma invoice. Please note that the figures given are just the average period and it can change in each individual case.

    5.  What is the difference between 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz frequency?

    Frequency describes the speed of data transmission. The bigger frequency, the faster data is transmitted. The frequency is not related to a reading distance. This factor is defined by an antenna attached to a reader.

    6. We like your products but we need a few modifications. Is that possible to make?

    The most common modifications requested by customers are changes in cable length and assembling connectors. The first one is no problem at all and we will gladly alter the wire for you. Please just note that for each additional meter we charge 0.70 EUR. Please also bear in mind that, theoretically, the longest cable advisable is 15m. 

    As far as connectors are concerned we usually assemble RJ or Molex ones. In general such a modification is available as well. However, we strongly recommend contacting us and discuss details before placing an order. In case of any alternative changes, please simply do share your ideas and suggestions and we will do our best to relate to a task.

    7. I saw you have iButton keys. Do you have readers in your offer as well?

    We only have iButtons in the offer. For readers, please visit our related company at www.demiurg.pl

    8. Can I place an order combined with Demiurg to avoid a double transportation cost?

    Of course. Please just send a purchase order to both companies, mentioning about the shipment combined. If you have any additional doubts, please just contact us. We will assist you through the entire process

    9. Do you have other iButtons than DS1990A?

    On a special request we can arrange a delivery of alternative models like DS1971, DS1973, DS1992, just to name a few. Please just send us a request for quotation and provide us with a certain symbol. We will update you with a price, delivery time and all the essential information.

    10. Do you have a datasheet of a certain product?

    You can find each datasheet in the 'RFID readers' section. A download icon is located next to each product.