According to the article 13th, paragraph 1 and 2 of Personal Information Protection Act from 27 April 2016 we inform that:


The Administrator of your personal data is Tomasz Wojtasik that leads a business activity under the name of Tomasz Wojtasik DREXIA. The company is located in Lodz, Poland, Regatowa 19a st. ZIP code: 93-482. Tax no. 9471966669, REGON 100804735 (stated further as "Administrator”).


You can contact the Administrator:
        via the e-mail:
        personally or by sending a postal message to the Administrator's office indicated in point no. 1


Your personal data will be processed:

  • to carry out the requests before signing a contract that you are going to be a part of. Alternatively to fulfil the contract, based upon the article 6 par 1b) of GDPR act;

  • for billing and taxing purposes. In case of agreeing on a sales transaction, we are required by law to process your personal data, according to article 6 par 1c) of GDPR act;

  • to handle the complaint that you can make in reference to the sales transaction that you will be a part of. The legal base is a justified interest of the Administrator, which is indicated in article 6 par 1f) of GDPR;

  • to demand or defend against claims occurring as a result of realising the transaction. The legal base is a justified interest of the Administrator, which is indicated in article 6 par 1f) of GDPR;

  • for direct marketing purposes. The legal base is a justified interest of the Administrator, which is direct marketing in this case. The legal basis is article 6 par 1f) of GDPR;


In case of not realising the transaction, your personal data will be processed through 6 months. The data which is essential to close the transaction is stored throughout the realization time as well as afterwards:

  • to handle the complaints that you have the right to make;

  • to demand or defend against claims existing due to realised contracts;

  • to execute the duties that result from law, especially the financial and the tax one;

  • maximally throughout 10 years from the day of realising the transaction


Your personal data is stored for direct marketing purposes as long as you do not make an objection against it.


On Administrator’s explicit request and based upon the contract for entrusting the personal data, the information might be passed further to:

  • accounting office;

  • law office;

  • units responsible for IT services;

  • units responsible for consulting, marketing or audit services;

Recipients of your personal data will also be subjects allowed by the law to collect the personal information.


Along with our right to process your data, you are authorized to:

  • demand an access to the data and demanding to their correction, removal or limitation of the processing.

  • demand handing over the data to another administrator

  • object against processing the data in reference to complaint handling or claim-related actions

  • object against the direct marketing

  • make a complaint to the supervising unit, responsible for the protection of personal information


Handing over the personal information to sign a contract and for sales and trading is voluntary. It is, however, essential to arrange a sales transaction with us. The consequence of your objection against us processing your data is lack of possibility to sign a sales contract or finalising it. If it is required by law, we can demand your data for billing and taxing purposes. Allowing us to process your personal data for direct marketing purposes is voluntary. The consequence of not allowing us to do so is not receiving notifications about our marketing offer.