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RFID readers

  • RFID 125kHz UNIQUE - interfaces 1-Wire, RS 232, Wiegand 26. Tag UNIQUE.
  • RFID 125kHz HID - interfaces 1-Wire, RS 232. Tag HID Prox.
  • RFID 125kHz JABLOTRON - interfaces 1-Wire, RS 232. Tag Jablotron JA-192J.
  • RFID 125kHz HITAG 1, 2, S - interfaces 1-Wire, RS 232. Tag HITAG 1, HITAG 2, HITAG S*
  • RFID 13.56MHz - zgodność z ISO/IEC14443-3-A (np. karty  MIFARE). Interfejsy: Wire, RS 232. Tag NFC.

* we also have in our offer readers compatible with HID Prox, Jablotron JA-192J, HITAG 1, HITAG 2 and HITAG S tags. There is a possibility of mounting an LED diode to a device with the configuration of common anode or common cathode and buzzer.